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Authentic and popular souvenirs from the island of Guam.


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Guam Seal Carving from Aghao Wood
Authentic Guam seal souvenir carving made from Aghao wood on Guam.

Our price: $35.00
Quantity (1000 available)
Guam Seal Made From Ifit Wood
Carving of the Guam seal made from ifit wood.

Our price: $70.00
Quantity (997 available)
Ifit Wood Carving of Guam Seal and Latte Stones
Authentic ifit wood carving depicting the Guam seal and two latte stones.

Our price: $70.00
Quantity (993 available)
Latte Stone Made From Ifit Wood
Wooden latte stone carved from ifit wood which is great as a centerpiece.

Our price: $70.00
Quantity (999 available)

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